Pirates of Caribdus

The Red Pool

Blood Spilled in the Savage Land

Vincent Vegas, Bloop and Totorakin had just returned with food after their ship had been shipwrecked on Torath-Ka. Something hit their ship and a fire broke out, forcing the captain’s hand. As they returned, pleased with their findings, they are met with the remains of their crew – dead from a recent battle. All but six of their cohorts – including their captain, Jonas Abraham, lie dead on this beach.

After a few moments of silence, Vincent Vegas offers to take care of the bodies while Bloop and Totorakin search for the survivors. They take a careful look around, and begin following the tracks back into the jungle of Torath-Ka.

An hour into their journey, they walk into what seems to be a small tribe of monkapes, who promptly start hollering at them. Bloop waves, and one of them waves back, which prompts Bloop to start walking past them. These apes don’t like this, and begin hurling coconuts at them! Totorakin quickly scares them off with some of his fire magic.

A few more hours into the hot and humid jungle, the tracks they had been following turn into an old trail, and they hear someone chanting loudly up ahead. Bloop scouts ahead, and sees a giant stone pool filled with what looks like bubbling red tar. On the other side of the pool stands a twenty-foot tall statute of a giant monkape, and kneeling in front of that stands the missing crew!

The crew’s hands and feet are bound behind them, and standing behind them is a source of the chanting – likely an Ugak shaman. Bloop hastily finds his way back to Totorakin, and they devise a plan of rescue. They decide that they don’t have time to go get Vincent Vegas for help, so they sneak as close as they can to the clearing, while Totorakin lets loose some fire bolts.

One flies true – striking the shaman in the face and sending him tumbling to the ground. Bloop advances slowly to draw the attention of the other red-men, while Totorakin continues to throw fire at the Ugaks.

Bloop fights fiercely, felling the first few Ugaks to charge at him. He is quickly surrounded, however, and is stuck in the guts with a red-man’s spear. His life flashing before his eyes, he can do but one thing as he falls at the feet of these red men. He yells:


Seeing his mate bleeding all over, Totorakin‘s rage manifests as a great blast of fire, incinerating three of the Ugaks almost instantly. He rushes over to Bloop, but soon sees it is too late… But, instead of heeding his friend’s advice, Totorakin is determined to free the rest of the crew from a grim fate at the hands of the Ugaks, and he continues hurling fire.

The shaman eventually rises, burned and barely alive with just enough energy to kick one of the crew – the kehanna Mongrel – into the red pool. He sinks slowly into the acidic pool, dying seconds later. With one final volley of flames, Totorakin slays the last of the Ugaks and moves to free the crew.

Just as he unties Cais, the last of the captives, the ground around them begins to shake violently, and the red pool begins bubbling much more quickly. Uninterested in finding out why, the remaining crew of the Rebecca hastily make their way back toward their ship’s wreckage. As the flee, Totorakin looks back to see a giant monkape – even larger than the stature – rise roaring from the pool. Thankfully, they are able to get out of its view by the time it begins looking around.



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