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Population ~8,000
Typically 0-32 degrees F. Non Grael must make Fatigue rolls vs Freezing every 4 hours

Kaja, Arfk


  • Locals neither trade nor buy with any regularity
  • Violent crime is high but murders are rare. Grael simply have nothing better to do than drink & fight.

Places of Note:

  • Kaja Market- two items of note are sold here: blue bear fur and sealskins
    • Blue Bear Fur: The heavy fur of a blue bear keeps its wearer warm in even the most severe weather. A character with such a coat adds +2 to Fatigure rolls made to resist cold weather. A man’s coat weighs 22 pounds and costs $800
    • Seal suit: These sealskin suits are made from the native seals and cured in fire and ice. The suits are watertight with clear (but murky) eye pieces made of membrane. This adds +4 to the wearer’s Fatigue rolls vs cold water. A single wound causes a breach, however, and negates the bonus. These rare suits weigh 14 bounds and cost $800
  • The Frigid Bitch
    • Grimy inn and tavern, frequented by only the seediest folk. Whale oil lamps provide dim light and cover the interior in greasy soot. Whalers and rough-cut hunters of blue bears and seals are regular patrons.
  • The Holey Grael
    • Bjorn Olafsson came to Kaja to hunt norwhales. After his ship hit an iceberg and sank, Bjorn used what little money he had left to start this small tavern. The drink is foul and the food worse, but it has become popular with the grael, whose grasp of literacy leaves much to be desired. Bjorn named the tavern as a jokebut it stuck after he told the natives the legend of the Holy Grail.
  • Warm Hearth Inn
    • This is the largest and only inn in town, and it has a bawdy tavern as well. Hunters prefer the Bitch, but local townsfolk as well as visiting sailors are the Wrm Hearth’s usual customers.

Kaja Rumors:

  • Whalers are buying blue bear furs faster than they can be produced
  • Blue-skinned man, rumored to be a sailer who was aboard the Arkanus that went down a few score miles off shore, full of plunder.


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